• Andrea Hartoyo

Review: La nuit avec Laneige

I have been using this product for over two years now, but just had the chance to review it.

Honestly, this product is a Godsend.

I use it once a day, right after I do my night skincare routine and just before bed. I normally put a little bit more than I should, but I love massaging my face with this and it also smells amazing! Right after usage, my skin feels a bit damp, but it smells really good and also feels very soft.

I leave it on while sleeping and when I wake up, the scent is still there, but now my skin is no longer damp. Rather it's super soft and plump, and makes me feel fresh and ready to start the day!

I recommend trying it at least once; Laneige also offers a smaller size (15ml) and often comes with their other products, for example here. This will also give you a chance to try the other products and they're equally good!

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