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Review: Hair Care

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I'm dedicating this post to two products that have been so good for my hair: Lush's No Drought dry shampoo, and Kérastase's Initialiste scalp & hair serum. Like most people, I have some issues with my hair. My hair has always been fine and soft, so since I was younger, I used to constantly worry when I shed too much. I've changed shampoos for as long as I can remember, and since around five years ago I truly focused on hair treatments. I've used the dry shampoo for four years now, and I'm currently on my first bottle of the serum. Below are my thoughts for the products:

LUSH's No Drought Dry Shampoo

I have used this product since 2015 in three different continents, and honestly it is the best dry shampoo I have ever used. I apply a bit of it after I wash and blow-dry my hair, and it helps maintain the volume for at least 2 days. I also try to apply it before bed if I don't plan to wash my hair the next day, and in the morning. This dry shampoo keeps my hair nice, voluminous, and grease-free for at least 3 days, depending on where I am and the quality of the water I use to wash my hair. Either way, its 10/10 from me and highly recommended.

Kérastase's Initialiste Scalp & Hair Serum

Having done my extensive research on this product prior to purchasing it, I had high expectations. I read a lot of reviews of people's hair being "saved" by this product. Once I bought my first bottle, I always used this after I wash my hair. I followed the instructions closely to maximise the potential. Three weeks in, so far it hasn't disappoint! The serum smells really good, and it feels nice and cool on my hair. My hair feels stronger and slightly revitalised. I highly recommend this product, but try not to use it daily; according to online reviews, one bottle should last you three to four months.

Conclusively, I highly recommend these two products for your hair!

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