• Andrea Hartoyo

Post-Thesis Thoughts

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

After months of work, I finally finished my master's thesis.

As I clicked the submit button for my first draft, I felt so many emotions:

Happiness. Relief. A bit of sadness, because it was finally over.

I poured my heart and soul writing my first and (hopefully last) thesis. I read so many articles, whether it was for references or to add into my content. I asked so many questions, I asked for so much help from others, and I asked so much help from God, and lastly, from myself.

Now that it's over, I felt a sense of loss. I was always on the go for months, always working on either the thesis, or my assignments, and just the buzz of daily life. Now that it's officially done, I only need to worry about other, smaller things. The big chunk of my masters program is finally over.

... I guess I can finish my last two assignments and move and pack. But first, I shall enjoy a day (or two) well-deserved day offs!

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