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How "The Good Place" Made Me Feel Medium

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

So, I finally got on the train to The Good Place (insert old-school train emoji)

So glad I got on though, cause this show is honestly one of the most wholesome, adorable, not to mention hilarious TV shows I've ever seen! I have a couple of compliments on the show as a whole, and also what I thought of life (*gasp* deep topic alert) because of it.

First of all, this show is hilarious.

It's very hard for me to get hooked on comedy shows; the only ones that truly stuck were Friends and Brooklyn 99. Each character in The Good Place is hilarious, even the secondary characters (absolutely love, love Shawn. But this also because I love, love Kevin from Brooklyn 99) and I love the dynamic between the characters. In this show, there is never a situation where there are too many people in one room to make anything funny.

Diversity FTW!

I love that the entire cast is so ethnically-diverse (and Jason wants to learn about it) but at the same time, it doesn't become a major part of their identity. For example, Jason just happens to be a Filipino doofus, and Vicky is an evil demon who happens to be brown. It may not be much, but for us POCs, I love that the characters break stereotypes and become lovable in their own ways.

Best. insults, ever.

Ya basic; ya fat dings; dingus; ding-dongs, ya dumped - do I need to continue?

This show also got me thinking about my life points.

Having finished watching this show up until season 3 (season 4 can't come fast enough), it really got me thinking about how I am as a person. At this point, I think I belong in The Medium Place like Mindy.

As fun as it is to live alone in the middle of nowhere, I'm pretty sure it gets old fast. I like having people in my life too much!

I have to be kind and respectful to them. This is not because I really want to get into The Good Place, but because spreading positivism and kindness is now more important than ever. It's important to others to remember there's kindness in this world :)

Okay, enough mushy stuff; time to watch the show's bloopers. Toodles!

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