• Andrea Hartoyo

First Culinary Trip to Edmonton

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to visit some friends back in Edmonton. I used to live there for more than 8 years, so it was a nice experience to return. I got to see some old faces, tried new experiences, and had amazing foods.

One of my favourite Japanese spots is Dorinku, and it was nice to go back. Not much has changed since I lived there 2 years ago; the food is still delicious and the vibe is still great. I ordered one of their lunch specials (Shoyu Ramen), good ol' chicken karaage, and Shaka Shaka fries!

Aside from Dorinku, I took my friends to visit La Boule, a hidden patisserie with amazing chocolate and an endless choice of delicious baked pastries and cakes. My friends and I got to try the chocolate mousse, lemon tart, and the white chocolate raspberry cake. Everything was worth it!

Thanks, Edmonton, for the short and sweet experience.

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