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Finally, Lake Louise

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Just over a week ago, I returned to Canada.

Having lived in Europe for just under two years, returning was a big change for me. As my best friend picked me up from the airport, I had to get used to the big cars and the long highways again, surrounded by the mountainous landscapes of the city of Calgary.

Two days ago, my friends took me to visit Lake Louise. This was my first time going there even though I had lived in Alberta for 8.5 years. For some reason, I have not had the opportunity to visit Lake Louise, despite it being so close to Calgary. The change in temperature was a big jump for me, coming from a mild -2 to a freezing -15. After our drive there for 1.5 hours, we finally arrived. The parking lot was almost empty as it was a weekday, but there were some tourists scattered, preparing to brave the cold weather to see the lake.

Honestly, the lake was stunning.

I had to put my phone away and took my time to look at the lake and enjoy the view. From the various shades of blue and white, and the warm winter sun, everything fell into place perfectly. Below are some of the photos I took, and the rest are taken by my friend.

After spending some time at Lake Louise, my friends and I visited the city of Banff. This was not my first time there, but every time I go, I was always amazed by the stunning views, the cozy and beautiful architecture, and the friendly atmosphere. My friend made me cross the road to take the last two pictures of the mountain.

Overall, this was a beautiful trip to celebrate my return to Canada. I hope I can return to both Lake Louise and Banff soon, now that I live so close!

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