• Andrea Hartoyo

Café Imperial

During my visit to Prague, my family and I had the chance to visit Café Imperial, a beautiful Art Deco historical place with exquisite dishes. We tried to get a table on the first day we came because we walked by it and saw the Michelin Guide 2018, which according to the website, described as:

"The Imperial hotel's restaurant is an impressive room, with a high ceiling and colourful mosaic-tiled walls and pillars. Menus list robust Czech dishes. It was the place to be seen in the 1920s and, as they say, Kafka's spirit lives on."

Unfortunately that day was fully booked, but we managed to snag a spot for lunch for the next day. When we returned, we were welcomed warmly. Also heads up, EVERYONE was dressed super fancy inside (I had a backpack and jeanjacket with me), so I recommend anyone who wants to visit to dress accordingly. A mini dress or something than a jeanjacket should suffice!

The food was really good. The waiter spoke perfect English, and it was nice to have considering I spoke zero Czech. Interestingly, I noticed a lot of the signs in Prague are in Czech, English, and German, but I didn't meet anyone who spoke German. My family and I ordered the following:

  1. Appetizers - Shrimp and avocado tian, Veal tartar

  2. Main dishes - Main course of the day (with Cod), Braised veal cheeks, Braised beef with creamy sauce, and Paupiette of free-range chicken

  3. Dessert - we naturally had the Imperial cake for dessert!

Overall, the whole experience was really nice, and the selections in the menu were plenty to choose from. If I were to return to Prague one day, will definitely visit this cafe again!

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