• Andrea Hartoyo

An Ode to Takumi Ramen

When I lived in Canada, I lived for the ramen bowls.

I always try to grab a bowl whenever I have the chance; be it in Edmonton, Calgary, or once in Ottawa. Every single time, it was so worth it.

Now that I live in the Netherlands, ramen is not so difficult to come by, but unfortunately to get to a decent bowl, one is required to travel to the bigger cities such as Rotterdam. My friends were very kind to bring me to Takumi Rotterdam a while ago and oh dang, was it ever worth it.

I had the R9: Traditional Tokyo Shoyu Pork Ramen (first picture), and it was worth every slurp and gulp. It was an amazing lunch; the portion size was perfect, the broth was very rich, and the noodles were cooked perfectly. I literally had to slow down and really enjoy it, because that's how much I missed eating ramen and I really wanted to enjoy the experience. My friends had the R7: Mala Ajitama Tonkotsu Ramen (second picture) and the R10: Tokyo Ramen Modern Style (third picture), and both pretty much had the same reactions as I did.

We also ordered the side dishes of S8: Takoyaki and S3: Chicken Karage (not pictured) as shared snacks for our meal, and honestly, they tasted as good as they looked. I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely return!

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